Karhunkaatajan kennel
Karhunkaatajan kennel





FIN43804/96     Pedigree Birth 01.09.1996      
EHCH/CH = Elk Hound Champion and Model Champion= KVA (in Finnish) = JCH (Jakt champion på svenska) FIN KVA-J=Tracking Champion

In 10 years from Raiku has been brought down

66 Bears & over 20 Boars & 2 Lynxes & several elks

Raiku’s first bear bark was already before he was one year old and it lasted about one hour. The first bear killing happened when Raiku was one year old.

The official ” bear bark aptitude test ” Raiku passed in 1998, and Raiku was the first of it’s own breed.

Raiku’s best feature is fast and reliable find even from bear´s old night spoor. In 2002 he was set free to bear´s night spoor 13 times, of which 10 ended to bear bark and 9 to bear killing.

Finding time after Raiku has been set free to night spoor has usually been 3 – 15 minutes, and chase down distances have been from a few hundred meters to 2-10 kilometres.

Other Raiku`s bear working strenght is fast, tough and reliable chase down, the longest working distance has been over 50 km / 8,5 hour. Raiku is also good at water crossings.

As a well-known reliable and fast chase downer Raiku has been used to chase down wounded or  accidentally injured bears and boars several times, and Raiku has also helped police to chase away ”troublemaker” bears.

Raiku has also been interested in boars and lynxes since he was a puppy. Raiku barks also elk and he has several elk killings and  ”elk bark tests ” with 95 – 98 points results.

Raiku’s results in elk bark tests:

Vehkalahti 18.12.1999 VOI I 98 pts. (Championship of Kymen Elk Dog Club, ranked 1. of 47 dogs)
Ruokolahti 10.10.2000 VOI I 96 pts.
Valkeala 16.12.2001 VOI I 95 pts. (Championship of Kymen Elk Dog Club, ranked 1. of 47 dogs)
Lieksa 7.9.2002 VOI I 70,75 pts.
Valkeala 8.10.2003 98 pts.
Porvoo 21.11.2003 93 pts. (Championship of Southern Division in Finland)
Valkeala 19.12.2004 96 pts. (Championship of Kymen Elk Dog Club, ranked 1. of 43 dogs)
Hamina 16.12.2006 96,5 pts (Championship of Kymen Elk Dog Club, ranked 1. of 42 dogs)
Jaala 31.12.2006 95 pts (2. of 46 dogs)

Raiku was awarded with honorary mention in Hunter Dog competition in 2001. In 2004 Raiku won Finnish championship in chase down competition and unofficial Finnish championship in boar barks.

Raiku passed a new tracking test in summer 2007 and is now also FIN KVA-J. He was among the first dogs that passed it succesfully.

Raiku has also transmitted his talents to his puppies. Many of them have been tested with bear with good results.

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