Karhunkaatajan kennel
Karhunkaatajan kennel


FIN EHCH FIN KVA-J Karhunkaatajan Piece of Cake alias Piisi

EHCH = Elk Hound Champion= KVA (in Finnish) = FIN KVA-J=Tracking Champion


Karhunkaatajan Piece of Cake, “Piisi” is very promising young bitch. Her father is Elimon Salon Peni, who has passed Finnish official bear bark test and has won the Finnish Junior Championship of Elk Bark Test. Piisi’s mother is Palavarin Donna.

Piisi is very keen of barking and has a strong intrest in bears and elks. She is very tough with elks, follows them persistently and has a dense, good audible bark. Her nature is quite kind and soft and she is very obeydant at home. But when she is working with elks, the only way to get her in is shoot the elk or wait that elk goes to a lake.

Piisi has had one bear bark together with her grandfather, Ukkoteeren Raiku in autumn 2006. The bear was shot after barking. Piisi also has some elk kills.

Piisi’s elk bark test results:

23.9.2006 Luumäki 9.0 pts
5.10.2006 Hamina 80.5 pts
11.10.2006 Rautjärvi 77.0 pts
17.10.2006 Savitaipale 38.0 pts
7.11.2006 Miehikkälä 57.5 pts
25.11.2006 Kuopio 85.0 pts
6.12.2006 Ilmajoki 93.0 pts (ranked 2. of 42, best bitch, elk bark test to all Finnish dogs under 30 months)
16.12.2006 Hamina 92.5 pts (Championship of Kymen Elk Dog Club, ranked 3. of 42 dogs, best bitch)

Piisi’s best results in 2007:

15.12.2007 Hamina VOI1 90.5 pts (Championship of Kymen Elk Dog Club, ranked 3. of 41 dogs)
15.9.2007 Honorary mention in Lady Haukut (only women as directors) The Best Young Dog, VOI 1 82,5 pts, ranked 5 of 34 dogs
Piisi has also passed VAHI and HIRV-J tests in 2007 and is now FIN KVA-J=Tracking Champion.  She was the first grey dog (grey Norwei’s elk dogs and jämthunds) who got that merit. She has good opportunities to grow up a tough tracker and a bear barker
Piisi has given birth to one set of puppies. The father of the puppies is FIN EHCH/CH Rusmosan Kamu. 11 puppies were born 1.4.2007 and many of them have barked elks allready in autumn 2007. Piisi seems to be an excellent mother and more puppies will be expected in the future.

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