Karhunkaatajan kennel
Karhunkaatajan kennel


Grey Norway´s Elk Dog 

FIN 17049/01A Male
Birth 13th March 2001


In the pedigree of Jääkäri there are many of the best bear barking families in Finland. It seems that Jääkäri has got his strong interest in and talent to bear barking from his parents. Jääkäri’s first bear touch was at bear barking test near St Petersburg in Russia.

Jääkäri’s first bear touch:
Chain bear test on 2 June in 2002 in Olgino, Russia

Vocal judgement of test
”Enthusiastic start, barks few times still being in lead. When coming to the field starts at once dense good audible bark, short investigation moment but goes on instantly working. Good tending work at 3 to 5 meters distance. Stays well on working place and works continuously.”

After test Jääkäri had also an unofficial experimental couple working test with Karelian`s bear dog ”Kärväksen Iitu”. Russian judges stated: ”Zero points but a good show.”
You can see that on Karhunkaatan Kenneli’s web site > videot ja esitykset Jääkäri ketjukarhulla In the same place there are also other hunting videos and power point slide shows.

Jääkäri passed official Finnish bear bark aptitude test as the youngest grey Norway’s elk dog.

Jääkäri`s second bear touch:

Bear bark aptitude test on 27th August 2002, Lappeenranta, Karhusjärvi, Finland

”The bear was tracked first in lead 2.5 km which after personal find 0.7.km from a swamp. On discovery place bark 1 min and turn out 2.8 km. At the end of test firm barking 113 minutes. The test was finished and another dog was loosed to the bark. Visible observe of the bear and dogs.”

Jääkäri has been in many accidents. He broke his leg when he was 4 months old. The leg was broken when he was wrestling with Raiku and fell down from cell. The leg was ironed for 2 months. After that Jääkäri had 6 elk touches which all ended succesfull kills after firm stand bark. The longest work lasted from early morning to dark evening. In elk hound tests Jääkäri succeeded well, too, and he was chosen to young dogs`championship on 1st Nov 2002 in Aura. Anyhow the hopes fell down right in the start when the elk was found too fast and too near. The rank was 10th in the end.

In bear and boar huntings Jääkäri has worked excellent alone and together with the ”master” Raiku. In addition to several elk kills and three bear kills alone, Jääkäri has several bear and boar kills when he co-operated with Raiku.

In 2005 Jääkäri won unofficial Finnish boar barks championship. He also attended a black bear hunt in Canada in June 2005.

Exhibition 27th July 2002 in Puumala, Finland

Height 54 cm

A little dar tone, enough colour varying holding
Middle size bigger male
Well positioned shaped edged ears, coarse male´s head. Sufficient muzzle mask, good firm structure
Right frame measurements. Good limbs and tail, fur in right quality
In front limbs little soot colour
Good nature and movements

Jääkäri’s eager nature has caused several accidents with boars and bears. In a boar hunt in winter 2006 Jääkäri got a strong hit and approximately 30 stitches. He also lost one of his toes in a bear kill in autumn 2007. He had barked that bear alone 5 hours and followed him 20 km. The killing shot was already happened , but Jääkäri was a little bit too fast and went immediately too close to see the bear better and the bear had an opportunity to bite Jääkäri. Jääkäri’s working distance with wildbears is usually 1-2 meters.

After recovering from accidents, Jääkäri has been as eager to bark as earlier and is still going strong. In spite of his eager nature, Jääkäri is really nice and kind to the other dogs as long as his food is not taken or he is not attacted by another male dog. Jääkäri likes everybody and is also quite obeydant, if he is not barking an animal at that very moment.

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