Karhunkaatajan kennel
Karhunkaatajan kennel


FIN EHCH/CH Palavarin Donna


Background of Donna  

Kuusankoski on 27th Feb 2000,  ”SHHJ’s ” Celebration exhibition

Judgement by Paula Heikkinen-Lehikoinen:
Overview: Excellent
Size: 56 cm
Strong, bearing female
Right proportions, full-bodied chest
Excellent head, good carriage ears but little big ones
Strong hind, good angles
Little bit stiff wrists and flat paws
Good tail
Good fur on back, on sides a little short but thick

Quality class: NUO 1
Competition class: NUK 1 SA
Further competitions: PU & N 1 ROP

Elk bark test results

Miehikkälä 1 Dec 2001 AVO I 81 points
Ruotsinpyhtää 19 Dec 2002 VOI I 93,5 points
Hamina 3 Oct 2003, 84 pts
Hamina 4 Oct 2004, 82,5 pts

Donna has worked as a couple with her father ”Ukkoteeren Raiku” at five bear kills. She is as a close tracing and an excellent tracker also on an older bear spoor. Donna has given birth to 5 set of puppies and she is an excellent mother. The latest and the last puppies are with FIN EHCH Porkkasalon Jaki.

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